Week 32

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 32 | an update

How far along: 32 weeks

Best moment this week: Nicer weather has arrived, and T & I got to enjoy a couple of outside walks this week. Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen were up to some spoiling action over the weekend when they surprised us with some early Easter basket gifts for Baby W. We are now proud owners of a useable piece of furniture (Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper) for when baby W arrives, AND a 'dad-friendly' (aka toned-down color scheme) diaper bag (Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Messenger Bag) to store all baby's necessities when we're on the go. So much fun!

Worst moment this week: Trying to clear out the dirt from our front porch and garage that blew all over this winter. I decided it's a lost cause after spending over an hour sweeping to no avail when it all just blew right back where it came from. T & I did tackle some more of the unpacked boxes in the garage and got rid of a cardboard buildup though, so feeling pretty good about that. I wish someone would have a garage sale to help with some of the furniture pieces and clothing that are too nice to just 'give' away. Hint...hint :)

Things I miss: Chicken salad sandwiches. Not being able to eat cold meat is not very much fun. Also busted out our panini maker a couple nights this week, and was sadly disappointed that I couldn't have any brie on my sandwich. 

Maternity clothes: Yes. Sadly, I think my days of indoor gym workouts are over until post-baby...my workout t-shirts are getting to be too short for the bump, and while some may appreciate a good crop top for the gym, I don't think baby bellies are the ideal look. Looks like I'll be sticking to outdoor walks with sweatshirts to keep me warm! I actually prefer to be outdoors for exercise anyways, so this isn't the worst thing to happen. Baby W sitting right on top of my bladder when I'm halfway through my walk, however, is a little more tricky to handle. Might have to adjust and go for shorter walks closer to home.

Sleep: I've been pretty tired this week...not sure if it is because I've been getting up earlier, or because baby is sucking all my energy. Likely a mix of both, or maybe it is just the nicer weather. 

Movement: Yes. Baby W has some pretty strong kicks that I need to start counting...I'm supposed to do this around the same time every day when baby is most active. The problem is, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to when that might be, and what used to be late at night, has now been early in the morning or in the afternoon on some days. I think as long as the kicking is regular, I'm not going to work myself up about counting kicks too much.

Food Cravings: Still craving fruit. Also picked up some iced animal crackers this week that are likely not going to last too long in my pantry cupboard...

Food Aversions: I made chili over the weekend, and wasn't feeling the red kidney beans. 

Queasy or sick: Nope, just more tired than normal.

Belly button in or out: Out on top.

Rings on or off: On.

Looking forward to: Maybe a little grilling action outside perhaps?? My dad helped T to get our grill moved from the garage to our deck over the weekend, and a nice almost 70 degree day today seems as good a reason as any to make sure it's still working!

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