Happy 2nd Birthday G!

Monday, July 23, 2018

TWO year olds have ALL the fun! Our very own little ray of sunshine celebrated his second birthday with a 'Gone Fishing' themed party surrounded by loved ones. The day of his party did NOT go as we had planned (more on this later), but he took everything in stride, and made the most of the day. We are so very thankful for all of our family who came and helped to make this day extra special for our little G, and couldn't have done it without you. Now, more on G. At two years old, G is speaking in full sentences, commands all of the attention in a room, is the life of a party, and is full steam ahead always. He loves skipping, boat rides, playing at the park, Sesame Street, giving hugs & kisses, sand-mud-and-rocks, corn on the cob, reading...usually the same story 'gain...'gain...and 'gain, hockey, baseball, football, rides on the Ferris wheel, and caaaaaake! We couldn't possibly love him more, and are so grateful that God gave him to us to be part of our family. We love you G!

One of G's favorite gifts this year was a new trike. When Grandpa and Grandma surprised him with it, his immediate reaction was a face-splitting grin and a loud explanation of 'HOT DOG!' (aka Hot Rod!). He also loved to tell us he could 'ring the bell' on his 'hot dog'! LOL.

One of the absolute sweetest memories from G's 2nd birthday celebration is his reaction to his cake. He LOVED it! Instead of just calling it 'cake', in ultimate cuteness, after singing Happy Birthday to him, he whispers to me under his breath ...'Happy Birthday cake?'. Like, is it OK mom? Can I have some now? Seriously as sweet as they come!

On G's actual birthday, he enjoyed one of his favorite pastimes...a boat ride on West Okoboji (let's be honest...who doesn't love a boat ride on the lake?), and a grilled shrimp dinner at The Waterfront. We love our little G! Happy birthday to our happy birthday boy!

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