37 Weeks

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week 37

How far along:
37 weeks! We made it through the week, which is more than my doc was predicting, so who knows when this baby will decide to arrive?! T is convinced it will be tonight, so we will see. At my checkup this morning, baby's heart rate was a steady 130bpm, I was dilated 1-2cm, which is a change from last week's 1cm, and baby was even lower than last week. I didn't have too many contractions in the last week, but I won't be too surprised if they pick up this week.

Best moments so far:
Finding out after last week's checkup that I tested negative for Strep B which I had with both of my previous pregnancies was a small relief. One out of four women will test positive for Strep B and need four hours of antibiotics to protect baby from potential sickness before delivery, and with G, I maybe only got about 10 seconds before he was born and the IV ripped out of my arm. Not having to worry about that this time around is great!

Maternity clothes:
Yes. Above top is old from Gap, and jeans are Motherhood Maternity skinnies.

Not too bad, but I've consistently had to get up during the night for the restroom which is something I didn't have the pleasure of dealing with on a regular basis until this last couple of weeks.

Miss Anything:
Warm temps and outside exercise that is longer than just around the block. C has taken to riding his balance bike while we are out walking, and I don't think he could make it much further than around the block, but it'd be great if the weather could warm up and stay light out for a few more hours so that I could sneak in a longer walk after T is home and the boys are in bed for the evening. I'm not much of a gym person, and far prefer to get my exercise outside in the fresh air rather than on a treadmill, so I'm hopeful that we can somehow find a way to make it work to go on regular outdoor daytime walks this summer with three little people under four and only a double stroller. May have to call in the grandma reinforcements on a more regular basis so I can go without the entire crew every time!

Baby Movement:
Yes. Baby continues to be quite active - particularly in the evening, and has very big movements with lots of strong kicks. 

Cravings and Aversions:
At this very moment in time...rice crispy bars with extra marshmallows and dark chocolate M&Ms sound just about perfect. I was at the store today and totally forgot to pick up the supplies. Bummer! Maybe tomorrow!

Queasy or sick:

I've been quite tired this week and have needed an afternoon catnap a couple of days. C is starting to fight nap time and hasn't been as consistent of a napper which makes things particularly difficult when it comes to catching up on some sleep myself or having a little time to myself in the afternoon to regroup. I'm sure this will continue to plague me after baby arrives on a whole new level!

Looking forward to:
Hopefully meeting our newest little love soon, and praying that it would happen at the hospital, and not at home! At the same time, I can't say I'm looking forward to losing a solid night's sleep and diving into having a newborn who may take months to sleep through the night. I'm also somewhat dreading the labor process itself and hoping it will go quickly so that I don't have to deal with the pain of actual labor any longer than absolutely necessary. Chances are pretty solid that I won't have an opportunity for an epidural, so I'm going to focus on the fact that after baby arrives, we will have a completely new little love to cover in kisses rather than dwell on the intensity that is the childbirth process itself.

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