33 Weeks

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week 33

How far along:
33 weeks...this past week seems to be over before I could blink, and before we know it, we will have another little one around here. Our baby book says that baby will be gaining about 1/2 lb a week from this point until the end, so lots of growing going on! I'm starting to get excited to meet our newest family member but also starting to feel the crunch to get some baby things organized...or maybe just anything organized! Commence nesting mode!

Best moments so far:
We've been in full Valentine's mode over here for the last couple of days. C has a party at school, and decided he'd like to take 'train' Valentines to his classmates and teachers, so I've spent more time than I'd care to think about constructing said Valentines. They turned out super cute - I'll give him that. Tonight, we are planning to construct and decorate a train themed Valentine box for his party at school in the morning, and he can hardly wait to work on a project. With all the talk about love & hearts around here, C asked me one night this week 'Is the baby eating your heart?'...LOL. Oh my...the questions kids come up with!

Maternity clothes:
Yes. Above sweater is old from Gap, but it's one of my favorite colors to wear, and I couldn't resist wearing a little pink to celebrate Valentine's Day this week!

Not terrible. Just a lot of tossing and turning throughout the night. I may have gone to bed before 10pm last night, so I'm feeling a little more energized today than normal!

Miss Anything:
Warm weather. It has been another super cold week, and we have barely left the house for any exercise or fresh air. There is supposed to be one warm day in the coming week, so I'm hopeful it works out to get outside and maybe take a stroll around the block.

Baby Movement:
Yes, but I think movement has slowed down quite a bit this week as baby seems to be running out of room to be quite so active. 

Cravings and Aversions:
I picked up a giant box of strawberries at the store this week, and am looking forward to making some strawberry shortcake (one of my favorite desserts) for Valentines.

Queasy or sick:

I have not had nearly the same amount of Braxton Hicks this week as I had the past couple of weeks, and I imagine this is a product of being back in our regular routine and not moving around so much.

Looking forward to:
I've started to think about packing a hospital bag, and getting together a take-home outfit for baby. With C, I was super unprepared as he came much earlier than we were anticipating (3 weeks early), and I would like to find the new baby a special outfit for coming home, and a couple of blanket/hat combos to use for pictures at the hospital. We should probably start thinking about digging out our infant carseat and getting that installed as well, but I am dreading the day when I have to put C in the 3rd row and figure out how to climb up and around the other seats to help him get buckled/unbuckled every. single. time. we go anywhere. Ugh. It would certainly just be easier to switch vehicles...hint hint...The thought of setting new baby outside in the rain & elements this spring while I help C get in and out of the car really doesn't get me too excited!

On My Mind:
One of my biggest...and scariest...concerns for this pregnancy are the logistics of getting to the hospital before baby decides to arrive. I know a couple of girls who have had such quick deliveries that they ended up delivering at home unexpectedly, and I just cringe at the thought of having to deal with that trauma to both myself and the boys who would no doubt be onlookers to the event, or at least screaming for attention or worry for mommy from the other room. My fingers are crossed that whenever the day arrives, T will still be at home, and not 30 minutes away at work, and that I will not be all the way across town running errands. Based on my experience with G, there is zero chance I will be driving myself to the hospital! Oh...did I mention that the nurses on the OB floor told T he better get an at-home delivery kit put together?! For real tho...

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