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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Earlier this summer, we scheduled a weekend that my ENTIRE family would be at the lake to have an extended family photo shoot. Now that my siblings and I are older and no longer live at home to be part of the super-posed once-every-five-years church portrait of our youth, we usually try to get a group shot at least once a year. That being said, we have never done a professional shoot outside of weddings...which are always fun...but then someone is always in a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress and/or a tuxedo or fancy suit. Not exactly our everyday looks, if you know what I mean, and the photos turn out to be more about the event than us just This being said, we have done a reasonably decent job with setting up a tripod and timer over the past few years around the holidays, but now that our family has expanded to include spouses and kiddos, it's just nice to have a professional step in every once and a while that has some better photography and editing skills than your's truly :) Personally, I LOVE having pictures taken. No, I don't always love the stress of finding the perfect outfits or getting everyone ready to go on picture day (as I'm sure most of you would agree), but having quality pictures to look back on and having a moment in time with family captured forever is truly something I think is worth every cent. I should also mention that the day we had our pictures scheduled turned out to be pretty much the hottest, most humid day of the summer, so we ended up taking them at 7:30a.m. - you can just about imagine the cooperation! As always, I've got to hand it to our photographer for doing her best with less than perfect conditions!

Photo Credit | Studio.1328

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