Six Month Photos: G

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I am soooo glad that we decided to do milestone photos with G, and have been so happy with all of the work our new photographer Jen from Studio1328 has turned out. This girl is seriously soo soo good at what she does! I really don't think I need to explain a whole lot about these six month photos, but to give you a frame of the day: know that they occurred the day after a major ice storm, so we nearly wiped out on the sidewalk on the way into the studio; I had not been planning to take C along as it was T's day off, but of course, he got stuck delivering a new baby, and thus C had to come; and last but not least, C found a football in the toy basket at the studio, and spent the majority of this photoshoot distracting G from the task at hand. All things considered, I absolutely adore these photos, and love that we will have them always to cherish and look back at this special time in G's life.

Photo Credit || Studio1328

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