Graham: Seven Month Update

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Every month that passes with our little G has been going so soo fast. I wish I could just slow down time a little bit and bottle up some of these precious moments while he is still in the baby phase of life. Not that toddler-hood isn't fun times...but I in particular enjoy the little moments of quiet snuggles, smiles, belly laughs, and overall go-with-the-flow attitude that comes along with being seven months old.

Age: 7 months
Diaper size: 3
Clothing: 6-12 months or 9 months...just eeking into 12 months...yikes!

This has been a big month for little G! He has started to scoot around, and is edging closer every day to putting together the crawling motion. He has the arm part completely down, and can push his whole body up off the floor, but he hasn't yet figured out how to get his knees under him or propel himself forward. When I show him how, he just laughs and laughs...must have ticklish thighs (something I don't mind at all since he also is the proud owner of two roll-ee pole-ee pudgy little thunder thighs that are a delight to tickle)! In other big developments, G is on the verge of sitting unassisted. He is plagued with the same long torso as big brother C, so some of these gross motor skills are going to take a bit longer for him as his center of gravity is pretty high, and his legs haven't caught up yet. He has been able to sit unassisted very briefly starting at about 6.75 months, but we are always sure to have a nice soft landing spot for him when he inevitably tips over.

7:30-8 a.m. // Wake up! Nurse. Play.
9:30 a.m. // Eat. 6-8oz bottle formula
10:30-12:30 // Naptime
12:30 p.m. // Eat. 6-8 oz bottle formula
3 p.m. // Eat. 6-8 oz bottle formula
3:30/4-5 p.m. // Naptime
5:30 p.m. // Oatmeal and/or trying new solid food
7:30 p.m. // Get ready for bed. Nurse. 4-6 oz bottle formula
8-8:15 p.m. // Bedtime. 

This has been our basic schedule this month. G is usually ready for bed (temperament speaking) about 6:30, so I am considering adjusting our schedule this month so that he starts his bedtime routine around 6:30, and is in bed by 7 p.m. Before big brother C. I am hesitant to go this route as I love my quiet calm one-on-one time with G before bed, but I realize this is just me being selfish and keeping him awake longer than he needs or wants to be. What this means for our dinner schedule is hard to know! I think I need to get more serious about using my slow cooker, and prepping meals during the afternoon while C is napping so that it isn't 6:30 p.m. and we still have nothing planned for dinner. MAYBE this will mean more frozen pizza or ham and cheese sandwiches in our life, but at least that is something I know C will eat, and it requires minimal prep time (a.k.a. LOW STRESS) for me leaving more time for fun things like story time, games, or playing outside.

G continues to love his playmat and jumparoo this month. He is going through a jumping phase, and is the definition of a bouncing baby boy. He also has loved these teethers that I surprised him with on our vacation.

While G does enjoy listening while I'm reading a book, he is really still more interested in eating books this month than he is in reading them. He continues to like the Amazing Baby Feel and Learn teething books, and also enjoys the soft Jellycat books. He got his hands on one of C's paper books this month, and had a whole corner of a page gone before I rescued it away from him. It it usually pretty chaotic around here at the end of the day, and G is usually SUPER sleepy after his final bottle of the day, so I have not yet introduced storytime to our bedtime routine, but hope to soon.

As noted in our schedule, G is down to only nursing 2x per day. I am considering cutting back to once a day since in the evening I end up supplementing his final meal with a near full bottle already. He has been doing good with oatmeal (aside from the first couple weeks of bites when he still has a major gag reflex), but has so far HATED veggies. So, far, he has only tried sweet potatoes and peas, but it was not a very 'good' try, and his reaction was in line with how you might react after tasting the worst thing you've ever tasted in your entire life. For real.


Big Brother C
Bath time 
I started bathing the boys together this month, and they both LOVE it!


Being tired or hungry
Loud noises (a.k.a. big brother yelling for attention)
Veggies (no sweet potatoes or peas for this little guy!)
Waking up...
G is a bit of a bear in the morning and after nap times. He wants to eat pretty much the instant his eyes flutter open. On a side note, his little sleepy baby blues are absolutely adorable when he gets woken up unexpectedly (usually by C, and another least favorite of the month), and it's like watching someone see the world for the very first time.


We all had so much fun this year over Winter Games weekend at the lake. G got in on the action all bundled up in his snowsuit while I carried him in the Ergo. We got in some outdoor time at Parks Marina...think helicopters, flag football on the ice, snowmobiles, etc; then headed indoors at the Expo Center for the Chocolate Extravaganza. C enjoyed the Chocolate Extravaganza a bit more than G (thank you event planners for all of the bite-sized toddler friendly sugar morsels), but even though G didn't get to have any chocolate, we're pretty sure he still had fun anyways!

G was baptized this month, and was lucky to have almost all of our family back to help celebrate his special day. He looked so adorable in his little white sweater suit, and did a great job at church. He was a bit f a squirm when it came to the actual baptizing, causing me to nearly drop him into the baptismal font, but we ended up making it through without any mishaps. Afterwards, while our pastor was walking him around the pews, he was very alert and looked very directly into everyone's eyes. A big moment for our little guy!

We took our first big trip as a family of four the last week that G was six months old. Officially, he turned seven months the day we went on a day trip to St. John (see above picture). Not a bad way to spend a milestone day! G did great sleeping in a new environment, and had no problems at all on any of our flights. His overall bedtime and waking times stayed pretty consistent to what they are at home (something we did our best to stick to within reason), but he didn't necessarily get consistent naps carved into the days as we were on the go most of the time. That being said, he did get some pretty quality catnaps on some of the best beaches in the world while lounging in the stroller, so I don't think he can complain too much! I'll be posting a full update on our trip soon, so stay tuned! 

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