Happy Halloween!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The stars aligned this year, and the little people in my life found themselves dressed up in costume for Halloween. The past two years, we have forgone celebrating Halloween...or rather opted out of dressing C in costume and doing the whole trick'or'treat routine. This year, C was old enough to take notice of all of the Halloween magazines being delivered to our mailbox, Halloween books read at story time, and talk of Halloween when playing with his peers. Right away when I asked him what he would like to dress as for Halloween, he pointed to a picture in the Pottery Barn Kids magazine, and firmly stated 'punkin'. And so...the hunt began, because, of course, by the time I wrapped my head around spending money on a fancy costume that would only be worn once or twice, the obvious choice from PB Kids was sold out in the sizes I needed. Go figure! Lucky for the boys, Grandma J swooped in and was able to score a couple of pumpkin outfits last minute on an impromptu shopping trip!

Baby G thought that Halloween was a pretty silly idea, and got a kick out of being dressed like a pumpkin. His costume basically turned him into a little bowling ball, and he enjoyed being able to sit up unsupported on the couch for our little photo shoot.

This could possible be my favorite picture to show just how very excited C was to be dressed up like a pumpkin for Halloween! Since our boys are too young for most candy (or rather, I'm not crazy about the idea of C eating only chocolate for a solid week), we kept the trick'or'treating to just a couple of stops visiting both sets of grandparents. C may have had more fun helping to pass out candy to all the trick'or'treaters at Grandma & Grandpa W's than he did actually trick'or'treating himself! I have to agree, it is lots of fun to see all of the fun costumes that come knocking at the door!

After trick'or'treating with Grandma and Grandpa N, C was delighted to learn that Grandma J had brought a pumpkin to carve. Last year, C & cousin J shared pumpkin carving responsibilities at Grandma's house and had so much fun, so C was thrilled to continue the tradition continued this year. Of course...why anyone would carve a pumpkin without shades on is beyond comprehension, so we'll just chalk it up to safety. Sunglasses are a bit like safety goggles right?

G even got in on the pumpkin carving action, and after giving it a good once over decided it was all a pretty funny idea.

The finished product! C dubbed this year's pumpkin 'Jack'O'Ween', and loved lighting it up every night for a solid week as a centerpiece on our dinner table.

Happy Halloween!

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