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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

As the end of the summer season at the lake draws to a close, we've been enjoying our time spent outdoors by the water. Living in a summer tourist area, the 'summer season' is a very specific Memorial Day thru Labor Day. With just one week to go before everything really slows down (a.k.a. shops and restaurants close up shop until next summer), these past couple of weeks have been extra nice as the crowds have diminished, and the lake traffic has died down as the upcoming school year gets underway for both K-12 and college students. We have also been enjoying some refreshing cooler than 90 degree temps, and finally had a chance to take G for his very first boat ride on Lake Okoboji. In case you're wondering how it went, he loved it...and each consecutive ride, and pretty much spent the entire time sleeping. The hum of the motor...the rocking of the boat...pure bliss for an infant. Now I just need to figure out how to recreate this environment when he gets himself all worked up at home!

First boat ride...August 20th. G was just five weeks old, and loved every minute. Don't worry...we did have a life jacket on the boat for him!

Can you tell that I have a thing for chubby little baby thighs? So kissable!

C spotted the watering can in the garage on our way home, and couldn't be convinced to leave the lake house without watering Grandma's flowers before we left. He may have just watered the dirt, but it counts, and he was sure to inform me that he was 'helping'. He's been on a big kick with adding 'ing' to everything lately, and even if he did just water the dirt, who am I to refuse a little 'helping'?

One of C's absolute favorite things about days spent at the lake is playing in the kiddie pool and splashing around in the water. We don't have a pool at home, so visits to the lake house are extra special when he can convince us to set it up for him. He typically spends several hours figuring out how to fill the pool up with the hose, pouring water back and forth between cups, and splashing around either from outside...or after he gets brave, inside the pool. As you can tell, he doesn't have any fun at all!

This past weekend, Great Grandpa K was teaching C all about water guns. I'm not sure who had more fun! Lucky for me, C isn't quite able to handle them on his own, so thankfully I don't need to duck for cover just yet. I have a hunch that we will wind up with an entire water gun collection before it's all said and done!

Another beautiful night at Okoboji!

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