Week 34

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 34 an update

How far along: 34 weeks

Best moment this week: 
We went to the FlagFest parade in Spencer over the weekend, and C had so much fun watching all of the floats, fire trucks, horses, etc. Baby related, at this morning's checkup baby was measuring right on the mark for 34 weeks, and heart rate was still a steady 140bpm. According to my baby book, at 34 weeks, baby weighs approximately 5 1/2 lbs., and is about 12 1/2 inches long from crown to rump. In positional news, my doctor this morning was able to confirm that baby is head down, and laying on the right side with feet kicking me on my left side. I think this must be a favorite position since it pretty much matches up with where I've been feeling kicks for at least the last month.

Maternity clothes: 
Yes, for the most part. (Above top here, similar shorts here.) I busted out some elastic waist shorts I snagged on a shopping trip to the LOFT outlet store while we were in Florida earlier this spring, and am so glad I decided to pick them up. Originally I had been planning to save them for post-baby, but when folded down below the bump, they will be a great summer option to pair with some of my maternity tops for the inevitable hot weather I'll get to enjoy before baby comes. Now I need to find some loose drapey T's to pair with them post-baby!

Not too terrible. Still getting up for the restroom during the morning earlier than I'd like to get up, but other than that, not too much to complain about this week.

Miss Anything: 
This past week was suuuuuper HOT, and I was pretty uncomfortable any way you slice it. The breeze and shade helped, but any sort of exercise dreams flew right out the window with the heat, and I'm hoping for some nice cooler weather so C & I can get in some more walks to the park this week.

Baby Movement: 
Lots. There really hasn't been any noticeable slow-down in baby's movements, so space must not be too limited yet...although I certainly feel like baby can't have much more space to expand into. I have been lucky to not have experienced any sort of heartburn or kicking in my ribs yet, so hopefully baby continues to cooperate on that front!

Nothing in particular this week.

My overall comfort level seems to decrease with each day closer to baby's due date. This is in large part likely due to the recent hot weather we've been experiencing, so hopefully it will cool off a little and I won't feel so drained from the heat.

Looking forward to: 
Thinking I should probably start planning out my hospital bag for baby's arrival sometime in the next six weeks. Eeeek! When C was born, we were completely unprepared for him to be early, and had not packed a single thing. I feel like now I have a little better grasp of what I will want to have in my bag, but I still need to make sure I have the essentials stocked up for our return home so that I won't have to make any Walmart runs with an only days old newborn and toddler in tow. Ooooor maybe I'll just sign up for Amazon Prime, and then I won't have to worry about it!

On My Mind:
Probably my biggest concern leading up to baby's due date (aside from actually making it to the hospital and safely delivering a healthy baby), is how the heck to keep everyone fed around here! I am terrible about menu-planning, and have never tried doing the weekly meal prep of food like so many other mommy bloggers out there swear is a lifesaver when you have more than one little to think about. None of us are really very good about eating leftovers (unless we're talking about homemade mac & cheese, lasagna, or brats & kraut/smoked meat), and most days it seems like C & I just rotate between boxed mac & cheese, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and cheese, crackers & fruit (I do usually cook something more exciting for breakfast as it is both of our favorite meals, but half the time, C goes to bed before dinner is ready, so he ends up getting the same old stuff for lunch & dinner). I'd love to get a deep freeze to get some slow-cooker meals and frozen dinners stocked up before baby's arrival, but T hasn't been too proactive about going to look at them with me and actually committing to ordering one. They are a pretty big investment, so I feel like he probably needs to be fully on board rather than just distractedly agreeing it would probably be a good idea. Maybe I can convince him to go look this week sometime! Here's wishing!

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