Week 33

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 33 an update

How far along: 33 weeks...bonus points if you know what the heck a durian is! I believe it's a type of stinky fruit that nobody likes from a few times I've seen it show up in the mystery ingredient basket on Chopped.

Best moment this week: 
So many great moments this week spent with my little C while papa T was out of town on a fishing trip. See some of them here

Maternity clothes: 
Yes. (Above dress old, similar here). I pretty much alternate between active wear and dresses depending on what we have going for the day and how ambitious I'm feeling on the exercise/getting ready for the day front.

Not the greatest. Baby likes to be awake and kicking at night, so getting quality sleep has been somewhat difficult lately. Hopefully this is just because I notice the kicking more at night, and not a sign that we have a little night owl on our hands. If so, he/she might end up being nighttime formula/bottle fed by Papa T who loves nothing better than staying up until all hours of the night...or so it seems. Mama needs her sleep!

Miss Anything: 
It was pretty warm over the weekend at the lake, and I was really wishing I could indulge in a nice cold glass of chardonnay. Sigh...This could have been brought on by an email reminder that our next case of wine from the WSJ Wine Club just shipped, and no doubt I'll be the one signing for it.

Baby Movement: 
Yes. Baby is particularly active at night when I want to be sleeping, and has a habit of practicing ninja kicking skills after I get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night...in turn keeping me up instead of falling back asleep. Baby's movement should be starting to slow down due to space constraints these final few weeks, but I've yet to notice. As C would have me say after reading Darth Vader & Son about a million times last week while T was away...'The Force is strong with this one'!

Still craving sweets. Or anything easy that doesn't take much time to prepare. I'll be honest, it was kind of nice a huge stress relief to have T out of town last week and be able to do quick simple things like cereal and popcorn for dinner instead of having to create a big gourmet meal for a hubby who doesn't eat all day long and comes home famished. So I guess you could say I'm averse to preparing big fancy meals! We really need to invest in a deep freeze so that we can prepare and stock up on freezer meals before baby arrives and things get really crazy around here!

This week I had the pleasure of experiencing round ligament pain, and all I can say is OOOOOUCH! As in ouch-I-need-to-sit-down-because-I-can-barely-breath-take-your-breath-away-pain. I didn't experience anything like it when I was expecting C, so this is a pregnancy first for me this time around. Round ligament pain is typically felt on the lower right hand side of the abdomen, and is just normal side affect of stretching muscles and baby movement in mid-late pregnancy. I could take Tylenol, or use heat/ice to alleviate some of the pain, but it generally doesn't last a long time...the two times I've experienced it so far have come out of nowhere and lasted for about 30min-1hr at a time...not really worth taking pain meds for in my opinion. I have a relatively high pain tolerance (or so I've been told), and I would liken this pain to the pain I was feeling just before getting an epidural when I was in labor with C. No fun at all. 

Looking forward to: 
The original plan for the coming weekend was to enjoy an extended family getaway to Des Moines for fun things like a visit to the downtown farmer's market, Blank Park Zoo, and catching an Iowa Cubs game at Principal Park. Unfortunately, it is literally supposed to be 99 degrees and sunny, so it sounds like we are going to have to nix our weekend plans and come up with some other fun idea. On the short list are a possible visit to Spencer for the FlagFest parade, Okoboji Parade of Homes, popsicles, and splash pad.

On My Mind:
T's pod coordinator emailed me his July schedule this morning, and most of what I noticed was a lot of call days, and no scheduled time off around baby's due date. Womp womp. Since we don't know when baby will be joining us, not scheduling time off around my due date is understandable, but still worrisome. When C was born, I had to drive myself to the hospital...20 minutes on a highway...while enjoying enduring some pretty strong contractions...not the most relaxing road trip I've ever taken! The night we brought C home, T stranded me after being home for only a couple of hours to go and deliver someone else's baby...after which, I should mention, another physician had volunteered to step in since T himself had a new babe at home. I have warned him that he will find himself in a significantly LARGE dog house if that happens again, so please pray that baby decides to come when I have a present husband around!

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