Week 30

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 30 an update

How far along: 30 weeks

Best moment this week: 
We celebrated Uncle T's high school graduation, AND C's 2nd birthday over the weekend, and had so much fun spending time with family. That being said, I am completely wiped, and not planning to lift another finger in the kitchen all week. Baby related, C & I got to hear baby's heart rate at my OB appointment Monday morning. After a consistent 150bpm for all appointments leading into this one, baby's heart rate was at a steady 140bpm for this most recent appointment. 

Maternity clothes: 
Yes. Above outfit (top, jacket, capri leggings - also LOVE these) is a pretty typical look for me these days. Activewear is perfect for chasing around a toddler and getting outside. I'm also loving maxi dresses and cardigans/scarves for this unpredictable spring weather. I snagged a couple of non-maternity maxis last weekend during Anthropologie's 20% storewide sale (check out their current styles here) that are super cute, and will work now as well as later. So thankful for non-maternity nursing-friendly dress options that I'll be able to easily transition to after baby arrives. Also love all the review writers out there that specifically write about how nursing friendly or post-baby friendly these non-maternity styles are! When consumed with the task of caring for a newborn and toddler, I can't wait to be able to throw these dresses on and feel like I look put together even if I'm not feeling it! Every moment is a photo op when you have a newborn!

Wish I had more of it! With all of the celebrations around here lately, I've been especially tired. I have been making it a point to go to bed before falling asleep on the couch, so there is that...

Miss Anything: 
Being able to quickly and easily move around. As I enter the final two months of this pregnancy, I have officially reached a stage where moving around easily has become somewhat difficult. A.k.a. getting up off the floor from playing with C, trying to carry C, or have story time with C on my lap, or lay C down to sleep in his crib...all of these once easy tasks have become somewhat difficult to accomplish. On the bright side, my tummy is big because it has a baby in it, not because I ate too much ice cream!

Baby Movement: 
Lots of strong kicks this week. I'll have to pay attention so that C can feel baby moving one of these days. He's definitely noticed mom's tummy (he sometimes has to have a peak and touch it to make sure my belly button is still where it should be), but he is still pretty young to comprehend that it means a new sibling for him. Now that I'm in my third trimester, I have to start kick counts during baby's most active time of day...usually when I'm just laying down to try and sleep!

Does sleep count? With all of the celebrating around here, and C's trouble sleeping this week, I haven't exactly had any quality sleep lately. This week I didn't find myself craving sweets as much, but that may just be because we did so much celebrating that I had the opportunity to indulge in enough sweets for me to last at least a couple of weeks!

See above...difficulty moving around. Also enjoying extra trips to the restroom during the middle of the night. Really I could keep going...hormonal acne, shortness of breath, stress, backaches, fatigue, etc. All joys of pregnancy! Overall though, I don't have anything too severe to complain about, and am trying to enjoy all of these precious moments with just C & I before baby arrives.

Looking forward to: 
T & I are sneaking out of town this weekend to go see Book of Mormon in the cities, and I'm looking forward to what will likely be our last 'adult's only' getaway for the next year or so until Baby #2 is old enough to try an overnight away from Mom & Dad. I'm also officially starting my bi-weekly OB appointments, so need to start getting new baby items a little more organized around here! On my to-do-list...start thinking about my hospital bag packing list (are we that close already!?), finalize our newborn photography plan (our family photographer is scheduled to be out of town for most of the month of July surrounding baby's due date, and suggested we have a backup plan in case she is unavailable), find some new outfits for newborn pictures and the first few weeks home when my camera will be snapping pictures nearly as often as you blink your eyes, oh...and deciding on a name! We've got a short list of names, but after thinking we had it locked in, we have backed off a bit and have yet to decide on just the perfect one.

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