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Friday, November 13, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, T & I made a trip to Minneapolis and I was FINALLY able to get my hands on this bookcase and these baskets from IKEA. They've been on my list for a long time to help with some organization in C's closet, but shipping to our area costs about 3x as much as the piece itself. Since we are rarely in the cities, we never had the opportunity to stop at IKEA until our recent visit. The box, while not enormous, was certainly not super compact, and it was a bit of a circus trying to stuff it into my small vehicle...(cough cough...need a bigger car please!) Yesterday, I got around to putting it together with my little helper by my side. C was fascinated by the entire project, and had to climb all over it, inspect the packaging, help me hammer in the pegs, and screw in the screws. Teamwork!

I've been working on dwindling down my closet this past few weeks, and am getting rid of about half of my current wardrobe. should see the stacks in our bedroom. I have so many articles of clothing that don't fit right, don't make me feel great, are worn out, aren't great quality, aren't in style, or I haven't worn in years, and I'm tired of them taking up valuable space in T & I's shared closet. C has been enjoying watching as I play dress up with my wardrobe, and in lieu of having my best friends travel from afar with champagne in hand, has been my own personal little audience of one for my Sex & The City moment.

C outgrew the inflatable duck tub we had been using for bath time, and recently made the change to the full-sized bath. Since he's still little and slippery and loves to wiggle around, I picked up this bath mat to help him get some traction during bath time. 

In case you are looking for your next great bottle of wine (lets be honest...who isn't?), may I suggest to you the Wall Street Journal Wine Club. T & I have been members for the better part of a year now, and have LOVED the variety, price-point, and quality of the wines in each box. Cases arrive quarterly (or however often you prefer) filled with red, white, or a mix of both. You can read and write reviews of what you think, scout out additional bottles you might like to try, or peruse the seasonal/special monthly cases available for purchase. Also included in the case are tasting notes that give a little info about the wine, vineyard, region, winemaker, and food pairing suggestions. Awesome!

Earlier this week, channeling his inner kid, T rented the latest Disney-Pixar collaboration...Inside Out. It was a great animated movie all about feelings. You know...the basics like joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear. Anyways...a big part of the movie focused on memories, and how they form who we are. Whether they go into long term storage, or slowly are forgotten as we make new memories. I won't lie, T & I both had tears, so if you rent this, make sure you have a box of tissues handy! It got me thinking about the random everyday memories I have with C that I hope never to forget. Little things like his excitement over bath time; his joy over being chased or wiggling out of a diaper change; his fascination with playing music, watching diggers, or going for tractor rides; his love of getting into mischief and unloading an entire wipes container when I'm not looking (yes...that happened); how excited he gets about going to the park, visiting the beach, or swimming; the way he contentedly crosses his feet when he is eating dinner in the high chair at the table with T & I; how he gives me a smile right after I tell him how much I love him before turning the lights out for the night...or how if he doesn't smile, then I know he may fuss a little before falling asleep. These little moments...when you add them all up...are really what life's all about.

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