A (Few) Days at the Park

Thursday, November 5, 2015

As the season of warm weather outdoor play draws to a close, what better way to reminisce of days gone by than a collection of snaps from some of the best outdoor adventures at the park. 

Aside from things like reading...or eating one too many of Grandma J's chocolate chip cookies...one of C's all time favorite activities is getting outside to play at the park. He's not too particular about which park, or any specific playground equipment, but if he can snag someone's fingers to walk with as he explores all of the different nooks and crannies, he's a happy boy. Bonus points if there happens to be a slide and other kids to watch! Without further adieu...I give you the very best of park season.

Sooooo excited!

Earlier during the summer, Arnolds Park installed a new Harmony Music Park right outside the amusement park. When C discovered it one night on our way home from dinner at Maxwells, it was instant love. I still hold that in his mind...July 29, 2015 goes down as the best day of his life thus far. Once he discovered that he could use the provided 'sticks' to bang on the instruments to make music, our quick trip back to the car was seriously lengthened. He walked us between instruments, testing each one to see how it worked. When it was time to go to the next instrument, it was meltdown city...after each and every instrument. Since the initial visit, I'm happy to report that we have been back several times to enjoy the park and avoided any incidents of meltdowns. Whew!

Playdates at the park with cousin J are always so much fun!

Please mom...don't make me go home!!! I LOVE the park!

Of course, T had to take C on the very tallest slide in the park.

Typically, we tend to end up at the parks that are on our walking or biking routes, but every so often, we get to explore parks that are not in immediate vicinity of our home. Just this week, we discovered two new parks that were so much fun that we may just have to expand our everyday park radius. I'm not sure who had more fun...C or Papa T! I'm also pretty confident that any future vacations we may plan may need to have some serious thought put into there being parks nearby! 

'We didn't realize we were making memories...we just knew we were having fun.'

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