2015 Gift Guide: Toddler

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On to the fun stuff! C's holiday wish list. I'm not sure if there is anything more exciting than looking through toy departments and magazines filled with awesome kids toys. T is convinced he grew up in the wrong era, and I'm not so sure he might be right! Kids toys these days...it seems anyways...are so much cooler than when we were kids!

2015 Gift Guide: Toddler

Anywhere Chair // C is his name, but snuggling is his game. This snuggly sherpa regular size anywhere chair (not personalized) is sure to be a hit with C for the hours he spends 'reading' the many books in his library. Also a bonus - it's lightweight, and has a slipcover lining that could be thrown in the wash if it ever got spilled on.

New Musical Instruments // C absolutely LOVES to play music. After receiving a drum set on his birthday, he has literally played with it Every. Single. Day. since. Earlier this week, at Time-Out-Nursery, when I went to pick him up, they had a box of musical instruments for the kiddos to play with, and HE. WAS. FASCINATED. I know he'd love to expand on his at-home instrument collection, and there are so many amazing option to choose from. In particular, he was loving these heavy-duty drums, and I think he'd have a blast with all of the options on this music center.

Bear Plush Rocker // C tested out a similar plush rocker at our local library the other day, and had so much fun. He is pretty curious about bears, and is all about anything soft and snuggly, so this rocker (not personalized) is sure to be a hit.

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper // C loves to help in the kitchen...a.k.a. be absolutely positive he's not being left out of anything important...and always wants to see what is going on above his head while I'm chopping veggies and getting dinner ready. He's not old enough to stand on a chair and know that he has to stay exactly where he is, so this kitchen helper would be great to keep him safe when 'helping' in the kitchen. Even better...it folds up and can be stored away when he's not using it!

Athletic Gear // C could use some new athletic wear for winter, and I'm loving this 'electric blue' UnderArmour warm-up set (2T, Amazon - Also found in-store at Scheels, not available online). Speaking of Scheels, they also have an Iowa Hawkeye warm-up set (2T) that would be perfect for celebrating the Hawks winning the title this year :) :) :)...Here's to wishing! Also on C's list...a new pair of plain black Nikes, Nike Flex (size 7, Amazon) or Nike Free 5.0 (size 7, found at Nike outlet for less $). If you have a mind to shop for clothes, I expect he'll wear size 2T until spring. Plain clothing without screen prints or graphics are preferred for mixing and matching with other items in his closet (unless athletic gear).

Wood Blocks // C is all about knocking over blocks. It'd be great to have a wood block set that he could use to learn to build towers, towns, or anything his little imagination desires in the new year.

Farm Equipment // C would love a few new pieces of farm equipment for his collection. He's particularly fond of pushing around the BIG heavy-duty tractors just like the one he got to ride in with Grandpa and his uncles this fall.

Collapsible Tunnel & Ball Pit // Collapsible wintertime fun at home?! Yes please! When the question of suggestions for indoor wintertime activities for kiddos was recently asked in my mom's group, several mom's suggested that a bounce house at home during the winter has been a huge hit in their homes. I have a bit of an issue with entire rooms being eaten up by toys that are not easily stored away, so I'm not completely sold on this idea...yet...but after watching C climb through tunnels at the park this fall, and play in a ball pit at Time-Out-Nursery, I think he would have so much fun with this collapsible tunnel & ball pit at home during the long winter days ahead!

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