Construction Zone

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ahhhh life in a new neighborhood... At our house, we have a bit of a love/hate relationship with construction zones. There are currently six separate homes being built within a stones throw of our house, a couple of which are directly next door and across the street, and a total of 16 new homes...18 if you count homes waiting on landscaping...within about a mile and a half radius that are in some state of construction. We live in a newer neighborhood, so this is to be somewhat expected, but lately it certainly seems like there is an overwhelming number of construction vehicles rumbling by our house! Dump trucks, excavators, cement mixers, skid loaders, and cranes...oh my! You name it, it's probably gone by our house within the last 24 hours. C, being a young boy who is fascinated by big diggers, has been loving watching all of the commotion from his bedroom window and off our back deck. These diggers come at a price though, and nap time has been touchy at best with all of the banging around right outside of C's bedroom. Not exactly what you want when you have a one year old with a broken leg and doctor's orders to get lots of rest!

Earlier this week when one of the construction sites directly near our home decided it would be a great idea to work well past dark moving dirt around and dumping rocks with a skid loader, I'd had enough. T was on call, C had already missed nap time due to all of the construction work, and with all of the continued banging around outside his bedroom window was having a terrible time getting to sleep. Keep in mind that C also has a broken leg, and is supposed to be getting plenty of rest. Letting his nighttime sleep be so obnoxiously interrupted was just more than I was willing to deal with. So, with no end in sight...I called the officials to see what our options were. I was hoping there would be some city ordinance about residential construction work hours that could be enforced. Unfortunately, it seems that our town allows construction work in residential neighborhoods until around 10 p.m. (UNREAL!), so with all other options exhausted, I ended up having to file a noise complaint to get some peace and quiet so C could get the quality rest he needed. Add that to a list of things I never thought I'd do. Welcome to the neighborhood! Things we do for our kids...

On a brighter note, with all of the construction work lately, here's a few things that have been on high rotation in our house. Also great gift ideas if you've got a little digger in your life!

Construction Zone

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