Eight & Nine Month Favorites

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As we draw to the close of month nine, here is a selection of some of C's eight and nine month favorites. Obviously, he isn't reading a cookbook on his own just yet, but I can assure you that he has been thoroughly enjoying some of the recipes that have been coming from it. At his latest checkup, C went from somewhere in the mid 40% for weight at his six month check, to the mid 70% at nine months. Think he likes to eat much? Following mealtime, we are always sure to finish up with a good brush of his solitary tooth with the baby banana. Never to early to start good hygiene right?! I'm sure if it was up to T, he'd have learned to floss by now too!

Blocks // C can't seem to get enough of blocks! These Infantino Discover & Play Soft Blocks have been a huge favorite with their crinkles, rattles, ties and flaps. They've been a source of absolute fascination for at least these two months. C doesn't usually try to eat these blocks, so much as spend hours exploring the different textures, colors, patterns, and sounds. Another more recent favorite after C was officially nine months, are the B. One Two Squeeze Blocks. He enjoys chewing on these, helping us build up, then knocking over block towers, and dumping them from his dump truck. Keeping with the block theme, C recently had to opportunity to play with these Edushape Soft Blocks, and was completely fascinated. We may have a little builder on our hands!

Boogie Wipes // We made it until almost nine months without any sickness or colds in our house...which I mostly credit to all of the antibodies he was receiving from nursing and the fact that he does not attend daycare...that being said, now that he is teething and has completely switched to formula, 'boogies' have made an appearance, and aren't likely going to go anywhere until this cold weather disappears and he's got a full set of teeth. Enter the boogie wipe! Basically the best invention since sliced bread if you ask me. These nasal saline wipes do an excellent job of wiping away all types of boogies be they the wet runny kind, or the dry crusty variety.

Baby Banana Toothbrush // Now that C officially has a tooth, I picked up this little training toothbrush teether to get him used to the feel of bristles in his mouth. He loves to chew on this 'toothbrush' and it's the perfect size for gripping. It also comes in other designs if banana or the color yellow aren't your favorites!

NUBY 3 Stage Sippy Cup // After testing our way through a seemingly endless supply of sippy cups to find one that didn't leak all over, this cup is the only one to pass multiple tests. After C realized that using a sippy cup was not very difficult and offered immediate satisfaction from hunger, he hasn't looked back. The 8 oz. version is particularly easy for him to latch on to as the base of the sippy nipple is relatively wide. I also ordered a larger 10 oz. size version of this cup, but the base of the sippy is more the size of a traditional bottle nipple, and while it still works, it usually takes C about twice as long to figure out since he never took a bottle and is not used to the smaller sippy attachment.

B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube // This activity cube has provided C with endless hours of entertainment and wonder. Made from solid wood, this cube has been wonderful for giving C something to hold on to as he learned to sit and stand. Each side has a different 'activity', and the top has been a source of wonder for C who is working on standing and curious about everything.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Table // This music table has been such fun. The removable legs are great for sitting-only babies, and when ready can be added to make it a fun table to practice standing or walking around. C enjoys playing the piano and hearing the different types of music from guitar to violin to drums. 

The Wholesome Baby Food Guide Cookbook // I posted a little about this in C's Nine Month Update, but can't stress enough what a wonderful resource this has been for all things baby food. Not only does it have a TON of great recipe ideas, but it also has a significant portion of the book dedicated to what foods are appropriate at each stage, nutritional information, myths in baby feeding, allergies and adverse reactions to watch for, sample feeding schedules, preparation, and storage tricks and techniques. If you are in the market for a baby food cookbook, this is it. There is also a website to go along with this book that has great info as well.

Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair // C has recently discovered that if he kicks his legs enough, he can get the baby base he usually eats in to scoot across the counter...not exactly safe. When he is 'helping' me with dinner, he enjoys sitting in the high chair, and loves to scoot up to the table with T & I when we sit down to eat. I LOVE this high chair's minimalistic design and the fact that it is all wood. Blending seamlessly into the decor of our home without being an eyesore is a huge plus! It is a piece of art compared to the majority of high chairs out there! Since it's all solid surface, wiping it down after mealtime is a breeze. This high chair is also adjustable, so it will grow with C for many years (can support up to 300lbs!), and is compact so doesn't take up much space. It was a definite splurge item, but I would recommend wholeheartedly since it will no doubt be getting a ton of use over the years, and the quality is superb. Built to last for sure! There are many different colors options available if you have a different color in mind.

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