Welcome Aboard Carter

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In other things I should have blogged about last month, we had a party. A welcome aboard if you will. A little celebration to share the littlest person in our household with the world. It was a nice little gathering at our home attended by some of our close friends and family. Trying to coordinate travel with a newborn to a party not at our own home would have caused a few too many ripples in C's day, and having the celebration at our house worked out perfectly.

Mama J did some of her best work putting together the nautical themed spread of finger foods to munch on at the party. We had mini-cupcakes, almond bark dipped pretzels, trail mix, frosted sugar cookies, white chocolate M&M party mix, mini ham & cheese croissants, sun-dried tomato-mozzarella skewers, and lemonade. So much fun! 

C & I with Grandma S (left) and Grandma J (right).

Some of our wonderful guests from my side of the family. Pictured above (left to right) are my mom, grandma, two of my aunts, sis-in-law H, nephew J, my brother's lovely girlfriend C, and a smattering of my beautiful cousins.

Snack mix...yum yum.

Aren't these sailboat cupcakes just too cute?! Thank goodness for Pinterest, and the awesome party ideas that come from it!

A beautiful spread of bite-sized foods for C's Welcome Aboard Party.

Grandmas + babies = happy ladies.

Baby C hanging out with Grandma S. C was about 1.5 months here, and already had a double chin!

C & I with a couple of my lovely aunts at the party.

Hanging out on the deck with Aunt H & Cousin J.

C, in case you wondered, behaved like an angel. A.K.A. slept through the entire event. Someday I'm sure he'll look back at these pictures from the day and be amazed by the awesomeness that he missed, and that so many people came to help celebrate his arrival into the world.

Thanks everyone who came to help welcome aboard baby C! We had a great time!

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