Week 28

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 28 | an update

How far along: 28 weeks. Officially in the 3rd Trimester! Where has the time gone??

Best moment this week: Finally spending time outdoors. It warmed up over the weekend, and I was able to enjoy some snowshoeing with T (before the big thaw), and several outside walks which definitely helped to get rid of some of the winter doldrums. In other news...I convinced T to try out some breath right nose strips, and going on night 3, I have yet to be woken up by his snoring. Sweet sweet dreams...

Worst moment this week: Yesterday, my heavy ironing board and drying rack fell on me as I had my back turned. Our laundry room is super cramped (especially with the added bump), and I must have knocked it when I closed the washer door. Ouch!

Things I miss: Being able to put on tennis shoes easily. The bump is not exactly making it any easier to bend down to tie shoes. I need a good pair of slip-on walking shoes. Let me know if you have any recommendations! Let's be honest, it's not like I'm going out for a jog in these kicks. Something that would work for a nice slower outdoor walk would be great. 

Maternity clothes: Yes. Above top (Michael Stars), jeans (Loft).

Sleep: Pretty good. Harder to roll over, and wish I was able to lay on my back.

Movement: Yes. This week, according to our go-to source of baby information, the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, Baby W is sleeping in intervals of about 20-30 minutes off and on throughout the day, and baby's brain is rapidly expanding. If any of you out there are looking for a great resource of information, I would highly recommend this book which is full of all kinds of great information on pregnancy related topics. It also happens to be T's book of choice to recommend for his pregnant patients.

Food Cravings: Grapes, scotcheroos. Good thing my mom came for a visit over the weekend to bring me some of those delightful little treats!

Food Aversions: Nope.

Queasy or sick: Nope. Luckily, no more heartburn after the random bout I had a couple weeks ago. Knock on wood!

Belly button in or out: Out on top. 

Rings on or off: On, although my fingers are pretty puffy. However...I did indulge in Chinese food recently, so all of that sodium probably has something to do with it...

Looking forward to: Taco House opened yesterday! T & I will probably be found there at some point this week :) A Note on Baby N: We are still anxiously awaiting his arrival...any day now...


A few pics from my camera roll over the weekend...

T and I getting our snowshoe on over the weekend. So much fun!

Also stumbled across this great comic that I couldn't help but share :) So true!!

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