Week 21

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 21 | an update

How far along: 21 weeks! Just a smidge over halfway.

Best moment this week: Babymoon getaway to the Southern Caribbean!

Worst moment this week: Coming back from the Southern Caribbean to find that there was no improvement in the temps at home. Back to negative degree weather. Yuck.

Things I miss: Tropical vacation drinks. Our cruise thankfully had many non-alcoholic options to choose from, and I enjoyed several frozen pina coladas that helped me to stay cool. One that was particularly yummy made using mangos. I told T he needs to beef up his 'mocktails' now that we are home.

Maternity clothes: Yes. T even let me indulge a little and I got a few super cute items, including this dress from GAP, right before heading out on our cruise.

Sleep: Surprisingly well last week on our cruise. The rocking was very peaceful. It may have helped that our 'cruise' bed was two twin beds pushed together, so it didn't sink down in the middle like our bed at home. Ideal for snuggling? No. Ideal for sleeping? Yes.

Movement: Yes finally! I didn't notice too much movement while we were on our cruise...probably because there were so many other things to focus on, but now that we are back home, Baby W has been very active. I've particularly noticed this mid-morning, and around 6:30-8:30pm.

Food Cravings: Still craving fruit and sweets. I think I'd eat pineapple every day if it wasn't such a pain to cut up. I swiped some of T's pineapple Greek yogurt (which he wasn't very happy about since every time I buy him Greek yogurt to try, someone else ends up eating it), but it was delicious, and I will probably have to get some more just for me. Disclaimer: I don't even really like yogurt, but this pineapple version was just too yummy to resist. 

Food Aversions: Nothing in particular that stood out from this past week.

Queasy or sick: I was worried about the rocking of the ocean on our cruise last week, and left town well stocked with motion-sickness meds. I did not however have to use any of them surprisingly. The day we were in St. Lucia, our catamaran tour got pretty rough with some serious waves, so I did get pretty uncomfortable then, but felt much better after spending some time on solid ground.

Rings on or off: On for now.

Belly button in or out: Right in the middle. Flat.

Looking forward to: Okoboji Winter Games this coming weekend! Can't wait to hang out with friends and family.

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