Grandpa K turns 75, and other summer adventures...

Monday, July 8, 2013

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Over July 4th, a reduced selection of my family was at the lake to help celebrate my Grandpa's 75th birthday! T and I had many headaches lots of fun searching around town to help track down the perfect gift to celebrate the occasion. What do you was a complete hit. Also a hit, the strawberry rhubarb pie we made to top off the evening's celebrations.

Grandpa attaching a new Hawkeye flag to the flagpole.

Telescoping flagpoles on the end of the dock are so cool!

Some of the family celebrating Grandpa's 75th birthday at the lake.

T and I spent the afternoon of July 4th whipping up a strawberry-rhubarb pie for the celebration. We even used fresh strawberries right from our CSA box. Yum yum.

Looks like my Grandpa agrees!

TURTLES: T has had a tremendous amount of fun watching the vast amount of painted turtles that call the area surrounding our current residence home. It has been an egg-laying week, and so far we've had the luck to spot 3 turtle holes being dug out for eggs. Can't wait to see if we can catch sight of the baby turtles once they hatch.

VISITORS: My brother N and his lovely girlfriend C catching some sun at the the lake. So good to see you two! Looking forward to our next night of cards.

NATURE: On a more somber note...T has enjoying swimming in the lake the past few days, and discovered he has been unlucky enough to get swimmer's itch. YUCK. I asked if he somehow managed to get chicken pox, but after a day or two, the little welts have started to fade. Be warned! Make sure you are limiting your time in the lake, drying off and showering when you get out to help prevent this unfortunate circumstance. I'll spare you the pictures on this one!

How has your week been?

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